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We are committed to providing our students a fun educational space. The small class size allows each student to have dedicated time on each module with an instructor. Our method of teaching focuses on each individual's learning style as a way to connect them personally to the process which will improve subject retention. 


LGBTQ+ : Introduction to Roasting Theory

LGBTQ+ : Introduction to Roasting Theory


Snowdrift Coffee strives to empower the community to reach its full potential.

One way we are able to give back to our community is by sharing our knowledge and experience. Currently, the coffee roasting profession is overwhelmingly represented by cis-gendered men. Unfortunately, there are people that have interest in coffee roasting, but don't have access to a mentor or to the finances needed to attend a class. Snowdrift Coffee & Workspace is a welcoming and safe space for everyone to have the chance to learn how to roast coffee. We open our space to all that have been marginalized by the coffee industry, including women and POC. 

We welcome all members of the LGBTQ+ community, women and POC to apply for the limited spaces.

Trans and non-gender conforming people are highly encouraged to apply.

As a male presenting trans person, Ant is committed to providing an educational resource specific to the coffee industry that anyone can attend. Regardless, of financial capacity or previous coffee experience. 

This class is a labor of love. Everything used for this class, from green coffee to instructor time, is donated and we will not receive any compensation for hosting in our roasting space. 

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